The Disappearance by Brian Fleming

This story goes all the way back to the summer of 1999. We were giving a friend a ride home from Warped Tour and he mentioned this house a couple of miles from his home in Gardner, Mass. It was only a few miles off course so we went. That night nothing much happened but the place was messed up.

A week later we drove back during the day to investigate. The people had left in a big hurry. The left everything behind, books,furniture, toys(one was an unopened Chuck Norris kick mat!) computer,t.v., a fire truck and a mid-70’s ford LTD, even dishes and unopened cleaning products. Other than some creepy noises and getting a tick on me nothing really cool happened.

That night some friends and I went back. We sat outside the house for about 20 minutes when curtains started appearing in the windows less than 20 feet away!This of course freaked me out. So I quietly walked back towards my car parked down the road. I walked by the field where the cars were.But the LTD was not there! And from the condition it was in early that day it would not have been able to move,not even towed. This freaked me out more but everyone was walking back to my car. They said the curtains stopped appearing after I left. I told them about the car and pointed to the field. But now there was something there. A figure about 5 foot was gliding towards us. I froze, excited to finally see a ghost, and horrified wondering what it was going to do. I ran to my car where everyone else had ran to and I took off.

A week after I went to the town hall where the house is located. I asked if I could get some info on a house and the woman seemed more than helpful until I gave her the address. After I told her she asked me to leave in a stern voice. After asking random people in the town nearby everyone said only one similar story. The people who lived there(a father,grandmother and two children)had disappeared around Christmas of 1986 and were never heard from again. Plus almost everyone told me not to go back up there, but against advice I still go down there about once a month.If anyone wants the location please e-mail at .

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