Strange Occurances, Uneasy Feeling by Malcolm L. Erb III

Strange Occurances, Uneasy Feeling………..

My wife, four children and I just recently moved into a large four bedroom house that was built in 1899. Since then, we have heard unexplained noises such as people talking when no one is home or when everybody besides myself is asleep. We have heard a strange high-pitched whistling, footsteps and the list goes on and on.

My daughters have a large porcelain doll collection which is proudly displayed in our dining room. Some of the dolls are displayed in a china hutch. Every day we notice that the dolls inside the hutch frequently change positions or are moved or turned around on their stands. The doors to our hutch are always locked.

Another strange thing happened at my 2 year old daughter’s birthday party. Her great grandmother gave her a toy stroller for her dolls. During the party everyone was in the living room when everybody, including all our guests, noticed the toy stroller roll along the living room floor by itself! It must have moved at least 7 feet before it bumped into a chair and stopped. The toy stroller did the exact same thing four days later on the kitchen floor. This ghost or ghosts must love to play with dolls. Also we notice, on a daily basis, that the kitchen cupboards open and close on their own and there is a constant feeling that we are all being watched.

It is unnerving to say the least. Even as I am typing this story I have to keep looking over my sholder as I am right now hearing footsteps and whistling. I feel like someone is looking over my sholder this very minute. I better stop for now.

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