Room for a Nurse

A few years ago we took a trip out west. We stopped in Lincoln, NM. You know, the town that had Billy The Kid and The Lincoln County War? We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast that used to be a TB ward.

Upon walking down the hall of the old TB ward (which was cute, and decorated, not scary) I got a feeling at the end of the hall near the stairs that this place was haunted. We went up stairs to see the last room. It was huge, covered the whole upstairs. Had a sleeper couch and double beds. Big enough for my parents and my husband and I so my parents decided on that room.

That night when we went out for dinner I told everyone about the feeling I had. Of course, that spooked everyone. When we got back to the room, we sort of read books and did puzzles…I think we didn’t want to go to sleep. Finally it was late and we had to get up early so my mom put a shirt over a lamp as a night light. We all went to bed and just as we were drifting off to sleep we heard something downstairs like dishes breaking. I pulled the covers over my head and willed myself to sleep! Later, my husband said before he heard the noise he had to go to the bathroom… he said after he heard the noise he’d mess his drawers before he went downstairs!

My mom also heard it, my dad didn’t because he fell asleep first. The next morning at breakfast in the main house, we were all reluctant to say anything about the noise in case they would think we were crazy. Finally my mom brought up the ‘noise’ we heard. One of the owners said, “Oh yeah, it’s haunted”… like it was no big deal! They said their son had seen the ghost, it looked like a nurse. He had even drawn a picture of her. Other people had seen her also. She’d also flipped a mattress over on a guest!

The owners said she used to be mischevious and hide butter knives until they asked out loud one day for her to stop doing that. They didn’t mind her there, just don’t hide things. After breakfast, I refused to go back to the room. I stayed outside while everyone went back in and had to pack for me. I am very interested in the paranormal but am a big chicken. My mom took pictures but nothing was in them. Oh there was one picture, my husband was seated on the couch with his arm out like it was around an invisible ghost.. ha ha…very funny dear!

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