Honor to a Flag

It was the summer of 2001. I was laying in bed one night. All of a sudden a man appeared before me in soldier fatigues. He then took me to this place. I was under a huge tree as I looked around and noticed that I was on some kind of battlefield. I could see soldiers fighting and dying in agony. It was a horrible site my body felt very sad and angry as well as scared. After a few minutes went by the man that brought me said his name and vanished. As I woke up the following morning I remembered his name.

So I went on the internet to do some research. His name did appear on the deceased soilder list. I was wondering why he would take me there and show me that horrible place. As the day went on a friend told me that the state was going to take down the confederate flag that day. I believe this soilder was upset by the fact that this confederate flag was to be taken down. And in some way he wanted me to help. But what was I to do?

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