A Good Person After All

I was a good kid growing up and a even better young adult. However, I must say that all my life I have had these “feelings” as I like to call them. It would seem that dejavus would come very often to me. You know, been there have done that before. Almost like watching yourself do something you know you have done before. Other curious things occured when I was younger. Many times I remember feeling like there was someone else in my room. I would struggle trying to open my eyes but I never could, at least I do not think so.

After a while it became normal for me to feel this way. Phones would ring and I knew who it was. Mental pictures of someone that had recently died, and as of yet it was not know by others. Objects out of the cornor of my eye and sounds too at times. The event that took place to this day makes no sense to me. I have never seen anything like it before, and have not to this day some seventeen years later.

On with the story. As I stated I was always a good kid and a young adult. Never smoked cigs, or used illegal drungs. For that matter, I did not take asprin unless I had too. Never drank liquor until I was twenty one, and that was done boldly on my twenty first birthday in in front of my Dad! It is interesting to note, that my sighting occured with one other witness!! More curious is the fact that he was very interested in games such as Dungeons and Dragons and the Ouji boards. More and more I wanted to break off from our relationship, but I was waiting for the right time. After this siting it did break off, but not fast. It was a gradual splitting from the relationship, by both of us.

What happened you ask? One night, a clear evening (no it was not highway hyponsis, I was driving my car back to my house, with partner in the passanger seat, and wham! Three stair stepped torso apparitions appeared in my side window. It was very weird because there was never any clear cut siting directly out of the front glass!

I do believe I saw before they appeared in the side window a yellowish maze on the road level right before, but I know nothing was said on either part by us. The reason I say yellowish is because when the appariations appeared in my side window they had on yellow rain coats and hats. You know, the kind that the Mortons Salt girl wears on the round boxes that are sold in grocery stores.

In a split second my world changed! Driving down that familiar road to my father’s house I knew this had never ever happened before, and never would again. It seemed the apparitions stayed on the road for only four to five seconds, but in reality I can not say for sure. I remember my partner screaming “What the hell was that?!” Immediately, I start looking back thinking I had hit someone or ones on the road!! I did not hear a thump. It appeared out of nowhere, how could I be at fault?! If I hit someone for real I would have seen them standing in the road and would have tried to avoid them. I was a good person afterall! There was as far as I knew no one that out to get me by playing a joke? NO! Immediately, I pulled over and looked back. Realizing there was no one there, I put the car in park. My partner said what was that again and again. I kept asking did he see anyone? No, No he kept repeating! At this point I could not drive, by legs were jumping up and down.

Finally I controlled my self and stated bluntly that we both were just imagining it. Quietly I drove home and said our goodbys. Later we talked about the incident only once or twice. It was droppped-quietly. At first I thought about telling my Dad when I got home, but they were sound asleep, and besides my mother never believed in paranormal activity. Dad had to get up and go to work early, and besides I really did not know if he would believe me or not. I hoped but did not want to anger him.After all they did not like the fact that I was going out with this guy anyway. I was begining to wonder why too.

The ending is plain. Life went on. We separated, but two months later I met the most wonderful man of my dreams! Totallty opposite than the guy before. The only coincidence—- they had the same last names.


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