A Ghostly Pool Party by Dawn Virga

My story takes place in the first house we bought in Florida back in 1970. My parents became friends with the former owners and they never mentioned why they were selling the house. I have a pretty good 6th sense and I remember being terrified to go down the hallway to the bedrooms by myself. Very strange noises happened almost every night. There was a huge pool in the back yard just on the oustside of my brothers and my bedroom window. We would be sleeping at night and around 1 am were awoken to the sound of someone jumping in the pool. A loud single splash. We would both jump up thinking one of our parents were taking a late night plunge and no one would be out there. Wierdly the water was completely still. Not even a ripple.

Another weird thing kept happening also. The area rugs around the house would lift up and fly across the floor and doors kept slamming themselves. The place was creepy. One time in broad daylight the shelf on the wall picked itself up off the brackets and threw itself down onto the couch right beside the baby daughter of the former owner. My mom came into my room one night and felt a freezing chill. She said she felt compelled to sit and lay back on the bed and when she looked up the figure of a man dressed in an older style black suit appeared at the doorway to the room. She was so scared she couldn’t scream and in her mind kept hoping her friend out on the couch would happen to come in the room. She said the figure stared at her for almost a minute and then her friend came walking up the hall calling her name out and the figure disappeared. When her friend entered the room he mentioned how cold it was and walked her out as she told him what happened.Several other weird things kept happening and after a Haitian friend of my moms did a lil’ spook-be-gone ritual at the house and it didn’t work the house was put up for sale. At that point the former owners admitted to the strange things happening while they lived there also. This was not a friendly spirit.

I dont know who lives there now but I do know this. I was in Florida several years ago visiting friends and drove past the old house. I noticed the owners had filled the huge inground pool where we would hear the splash everynight……in with cement.

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