Chapter 12: Taking Action

Once you have an idea of what you are dealing with, you need to decide on a course of action. In all likelihood, you are dealing with a human spirit and that can get tricky. Obviously, it is better to be dealing with a human spirit than an inhuman one but in some ways, it is more complicated. When you are dealing with the demonic, there is really only one way to go. It is a dangerous endeavor but it is also clear-cut. With the human spirit, you are faced with several possibilities. One thing you have to try to do is determine why the spirit is there and what its intent is. The fact than a spirit may be responsible for frightening activity does not guarantee that it is evil. The spirit in question may simply be protective of its home. In that situation, it does not want to hurt anyone, it just wants them out.

There is a misconception that a medium is needed to help a spirit cross over. Truthfully, if it can hear her talk to it, one would think it would hear everyone talk to it. Where a medium can come in handy is by finding out what it wants. Clearing away a human spirit may require a good deal of detective work. If you know who the spirit is, it may be easier to get it to move along. For example, one way to help an earthbound spirit is by asking it to call to someone it once cared for. If you know who it is, you may be able to ask it to call on “so and so.” By having a name to call on, it gives you an advantage. That little bit of personalization can make a big difference, especially when dealing with a spirit who is adamant about staying.

One question that always comes up is the idea of exorcism. If the human spirit is evil, there is a lot you can do involving prayer that may make it leave. However, it must always be remembered that the ritual of exorcism was designed to force Satan himself out of someone. It does not stand to reason that the ritual would necessarily work on a human spirit. However, even if it does, there is a greater danger. You see, conducting an exorcism when it is not needed is likely to attract an inhuman spirit that is drawn to the location. It will not be affected by the exorcism because it is not the evil spirit being chased away. Thus, it becomes a spectator. What it sees is a human spirit it can puppeteer. After the exorcism is done with, you now have a demonic spirit hanging around.

Some call this idea ridiculous but I must point out that at one time, Catholics were given a prayer that they were to say daily. (I will not print it here.) What this prayer basically consisted of was a short form of exorcism. (This is not the St. Michael the Archangel prayer. That is safe and should be said by everyone daily.) After a while, it became clear that this prayer was in effect stirring up problems. Cardinal Ratzinger then stated that it should not be said because of this fact. Now it is no longer mentioned. The point is that you can create a problem by being overly aggressive and jumping into exorcisms. In most cases, they will not work against a human agent and it might just cause a bigger problem than already existed.

To look at how to rid a home of a human spirit, you have to see why the spirit is still there. The possibility exists that the spirit is confused; many do not know they are dead. In other cases, they are attached to loved ones or a special place and they do not want to leave. In still other cases, a spirit will stick around because it has a message for someone. Another common reason is because it is afraid to cross over, fearing perhaps punishment for the sins it has committed while alive. In that instance, an effective strategy is to tell the spirit of the mercy of God. In most people’s cases, their imagined sins are far worse than their real ones. Most of us judge ourselves in a much darker light than our loving God does. (Thankfully.)

The best way to communicate with the spirit is to simple sit down and talk to it quietly. Explain to it that it should leave so that it can find peace in the next realm. Advise it to call on loved ones who will show it the way home. This should not be done in a threatening manner. If the spirit responds in a way that you believe is evil, then you can start saying prayers designed to make it leave. There are many prayers that are extremely effective for this purpose. It also helps to say a prayer asking God to help the spirit. There was an occasion where I was confronted by a demonic spirit. I actually prayed to God to help that lost angel to see the evil that it does. This strategy really ticks them off. However, it is also effective.

I do not advise séances or Ouija sessions when trying to communicate with a spirit. For one, you have no way of knowing what is coming through or whether it is even a spirit at all. The likelihood is that this will make the problem worse because you may be bringing in something worse that what is already there.

Suppose you have enough reason to believe that the spirit is demonic. If that is the case, you are most likely in over your head. Unless you have a great deal of experience in dealing with that type of spirit and few do, then it is best that you take your case to someone qualified to handle it. There are organizations that “specialize” in demonic hauntings. By specialize, I mean that they will work those types of cases. (Many will tell you honestly that they will not take on a case of that magnitude.) In a demonic case, your best bet is to contact the clergy. The likelihood is that it will require the clergy to get rid of it. This is where you have to have all of your evidence and you must be able to present a strong case. The clergy often take a knock for not being willing to help out but in truth, all it really takes is good evidence. Just don’t tell them that you know it is a demon because “you feel it.” You will be shown the door quickly and deservedly so.

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