Chapter 10: Human Or Inhuman?

How do we know thy enemy? This can be complicated because the inhuman spirit, being the coward and bully that it is will do its best to avoid detection. If there is a human spirit around, it will often hide behind it. The activity that takes place will often be borderline at best. This presents a serious problem because we have already seen the dangers of misdiagnosing the spirit. This can be a tricky situation. The best rule to follow is to err on the side of caution. If you think the spirit may be demonic, do not do anything that will provoke it until you have a better idea of what is going on there.

There are things you can look for that will give you a good idea. In short, there are certain types of phenomena that are outside the known abilities of a human spirit. Of course, in many cases those cut and dried manifestation will not take place. Still, there are things we can look out for. Before we look at some of those things, we must keep two things in mind. Demonic hauntings are very rare, despite some of the hysterical rantings you see on so many websites. That cannot be stressed enough. The other thing to keep in mind is that a demonic spirit can do anything a human spirit can. Thus, it is unnecessary to repeat those phenomena.

Human spirits will move objects around. They will sometimes knock things off shelves, knock pictures off walls, throw light items such as glasses, figurines and the like. When you see a four hundred pound freezer go sailing across the room, it is a good bet that you have a demonic spirit at work. A human spirit may take something like the book you were just reading and hide it elsewhere. When your washer and drier disappear, you should think demon. Human spirits may visually manifest in the form of bright lights, arcs of electricity and as they appeared in life. They may be translucent or they may be as solid as you or I. If you see a creature with a goat’s head, a human torso and a horse’s legs, it might be a good idea to rule out the human guy.

Unfortunately, in many cases, we see borderline phenomena. Either spirit can produce odors and they can both make sounds. Human spirits tend to laugh or cry, depending on their purpose in the haunting. They will sometimes speak although this is usually in whispers. Animal noises usually indicate something demonic although it may not always be so. Demonic spirits tend to mimic voices but it is believed that human spirits may be able to do so as well. Always remember, no one knows all of the answers and we are continuously learning. (Those with open minds, that is.)

Both types can manipulate electrical items such as turning lights on and off or other appliances. Both can cause loud banging in walls or ceilings. Both can also create the sound of footsteps. The opening and closing or doors or drawers falls into the realm of human and inhuman spirits. Both spirits can act angrily although demonic spirits show something closer to rage than anger. In addition, both have the ability to touch the living. (Within reason; a demon can hurl a person against a wall. A human spirit may be able to give you a little push.) However, human and inhuman spirits can leave marks. Claw marks and those that draw blood should send up red flags. Both spirits can levitate objects although human spirits can usually only levitate something light. When the sofa hovers, use common sense. Either can manipulate the environment. Turning a warm room cold would be one example of this.

In some cases, both spirits will show anger at religious objects. However, when you have something like the destruction of something religious, there is a good possibility that the spirit is inhuman. Human ones may knock a crucifix off a wall but they will usually not do any form of damage to it. This is not an absolute by any means but it does sort of point you in the right direction. Most human spirits do not want a fight with God. However, there may be some who simply do not believe in God or who are angry with Him for whatever reason. By and large though, most human spirits do not touch religious objects.

You see here how difficult it can be to make a determination. In some cases, common sense will dictate what type of spirit is at work. You can tell by using religious provocation but unless you are experienced, you can create the firestorm mentioned in the last chapter. However, there does come a time when it may be necessary to do this. You may find yourself in a situation where you spend a weekend investigating in a house. During those days, nothing unusual happens. However, after you leave, the spirit retaliates against the family. You go back there the following weekend but again, nothing happens. When you leave, the family pays again. Obviously, that situation cannot continue that way. In that case, you may well have to provoke it. Remember though, you have to know what you are doing.

Human spirits may react to provocation as well but the results are usually minor. In one case, the provocation resulted in immediate activity but the spirit seemed to run away from the provocation as opposed to reacting in a violent manner. This led me to believe that the spirit was human and that gave me several options to use to stop the problem. In that case, it was clear; in many, that is not so.

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