Santeria “Worship of the Saints”. Originated in Africa, brought to the Caribbean islands via slave trade. Widely practiced in United States urban areas in particular. A hybrid of Catholicism and aspects of Voodoo. Is used for positive or negative purposes by practitioners. Negative potential considered very powerful among demonologists.
Satan Chief of the fallen Angels who opposed God and was banished from Heaven. Also known as Lucifer.
Satanic Having anything to do with Satan, as in worshipping him
Satanic Bible A “how to” book on Satanism written by Anton Szandor LaVey who founded the Church Of Satan.
Scrying A form of divination using a mirror. Similar results can be had using a mirror, crystals or water.
Scrying Mirror Mirror used for divination
Sensitive A person with psychic abilities.
Seraphim The Angels of love, light and fire. They are the highest order of the hierarchy of choirs.
Shadow Ghost A black, mist like spirit that has no discernable features. It is usually demonic in nature and is sometimes described by witnesses as a “blackshape”.
Solidification Of Air The process by which spirits move physical objects.
Specter Something that exists only in appearance. Same as phantom.
Spirit Beings that exist without a physical body (discarnate) and are not bound by the restrictions or characteristics of the physical world.
Suffimunigation Religious cleansing ritual that involves the use of prayers, incense, holy water and beeswax candles. Suffimunigation is used to clear spirits from a dwelling usually performed by a lay person.
Supernatural Events that have no natural explanation. Commonly refers to acts of the divine but can also include extraordinary acts caused by negative forces.
Succubus A demon that sexually assaults males during psychic attack men.
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