Rapping This can vary from a light knocking sound to a heavy pounding. It usually emanates from the walls but sounds as if it is coming from everywhere. Spirits sometimes communicate through rapping.
Reincarnation A rebirth of a soul into a new body.
Relic The body or part of the body of a Saint or any Sacred momento. Relics are sometimes pieces of cloth worn by the Saint or in some cases, a Holy person.
Religious Provocatio An attempt to compel an evil spirit to reveal itself through invoking the name of God or Christ. This is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone lacking experience, training and, most importantly, faith.
Ritual A prescribed form or method for the performance of a religious, solemn ceremony. Rituals can be used for good or bad.
Ritual Abuse The physical, psychological or sexual abuse performed by a participant as part of a satanic ceremony.
RSPK Recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis. This is the repeated action of objects moving through the power of the mind and is a cornerstone belief of the practicing parapsychologist..
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