Pact With The Devil Selling one’s soul to Satan for personal gain in this life.
Paranormal Occurences that take place outside the natural order of things. This would include ghosts, UFO’s, ESP and other things difficult to explain by nature but in the realm of the natural.
Parapsychology Derived from the Latin word “para,” which means “beyond,” parapsychology literally means “beyond” psychology. It is generally defined as the scientific study of paranormal phenomena.
Parapsychologist One who studies parapsychology.
Pentacle A pentagram within a circle.
Pentagram A five pointed star symbolizing the natural four elements surrounded by the spirit. In black magic or Satanism, the pentagram is turned upside down. When this is done, the symbol appears as a devil with the two points resembling horns. Another reason for inversion is to negate any positive connotation.
Phantom An apparition or specter. Existing only as an energy form.
Phantomania Paralysis occurring when an individual is under attack by preternatural or supernatural forces. This is also known as psychic paralysis.
Planchette The pointer instrument used with a Ouija board. It is triangular in shape with a circular window with a pin through it.
Poltergeist Destructive spirit having the ability to move objects by solidifying the ambient air which results in the movement and teleportation of objects. The word translated means “noisy or mischievous ghost”, a German term When a spirit enters the physical body of a person.
Possession There are different types of possession. Mediums will “allow” a spirit to enter their body for the purpose of communication. In demonic possession, the entity will not leave of its own will. During partial possession, the host (person) remains in the body. In full or perfect possession, the spirit of the host is displaced from the physical body. An exorcism is necessary to expel the possessing entity.
Provocation An effort to provoke or command a spirit to reveal itself.(See religious provocation)
Precognition Supernormal knowledge of pending or future events.
Premonition Feeling or warning about a future event. This may be a vague feeling or it can be quite specific.
Preternatural Diverging from or exceeding the common order of nature but not outside the natural order as distinguished from the supernatural.
Psychic A person with the ability to see, hear and feel by use of senses other than the natural senses. Also a classification of unusual happenings.
Psychic Attackl An attack, either physical, or mental by a spirit. The spirit may be visible or invisible during the attack. There is evidence that some people are capable of psychically attacking others.
Psychic Cold This is a situation where one feels unnaturally cold. There are two types of psychic cold. The first, a spirit that is materializing draws energy from the environment. This results in a lowering of the ambient temperature. The second, the materializing spirit will draw energy from people that are present. The people will feel cold but a thermometer will not register a lowering of the ambient temperature. Sometimes situations of great stress can result in a similar type of cold without a drop in the ambient temperature.
Psychic Imprint An energy field which assumes the appearance of a person. This usually occurs because of the residue of severe emotional energy, which is imprinted into the environment because of a tragic event. While a person may think they are seeing a ghost, it is actually a projected image, not a spirit. Also referred to as psychic recording or projection.
Psychic Paralysis A condition in which a person is fully awake but is unable to move. Same as phantomania.
Psychic Photograph A photograph of paranormal phenomena such as psychic fog,a spirit orb or an apparition. Some psychic photos depict a mist like form and sometimes, the face or other features of a spirit are discernable.
Psychic Photographer One who takes psychic photos.
Psychic Projection See psychic imprint.
Psychic Research The general study of paranormal phenomena including ESP, hauntings, ghosts, etc.
Psychic Sleep Deep, trance like sleep from which a person cannot be aroused. This is caused by an inhuman spirit usually when a person is coming under psychic attack.
Psychic Wounds Wounds caused by a spirit. They may appear as scratches or bites. Bruising and burns can also result from a negative encounter.
Psychokinesis The movement of objects by use of the mind either consciously or unconsciously as in poltergeist like manifestations. Also known as PK or RSPK. (Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis.)
Psychometry The ability to “read” objects being held or touched. This process is often used successfully in police work involving missing persons.
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