Obsession The second stage of a haunting where the invading entity begins to exert its power over its victim.
Occult The body of knowledge that is hidden or secret in the areas of the paranormal, preternatural or supernatural. .
Oppression The first stage of a haunting where the invading entity attempts to gain access to the location or person targeted for victimization.
Orb A sphere of electromagnetic energy produced by spirits. Also called a globule.
Ouija Board Game board manufactured by the Parker Brothers company. Used to communicate with spirits. Some believe this “communication” is caused by the collective unconscious of the participants. (Automatism.)
Out Of Body Experience State in which the spirit of a person travels to the astral plane. It is said that people can in some instances travel to other locations on the physical plane. Also known as OBE, OOBE, astral projection or remote viewing.
Outward Manifestation Any event of paranormal activity, i.e.: disembodied voices, movement of objects, horrible smells, manipulation with temperatures, etc.
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