Ectoplasm A substance which emanates from the body of a medium during a trance. This often appears as a mist –like substance.
Elementals Spirits of the earth. Elementals are benign, almost angelic spirits who watch over the four elements, air-sylphs, earth-gnomes, fire-salamanders, and water nymphs. Also, lesser spirits of nature are called undines.
Electromagnetic Field A field propagated by a combination of electric and magnetic energy which radiates from radio and light waves to gamma and cosmic rays. It is believed that when spirits manifest, they create an electromagnetic field.
EMF Detector An instrument that measures electromagnetic energy. Also known as a Gauss Meter or magnetometer.
ESP Extra sensory perception. A parapsychological term to denote awareness apparently received through channels other than the natural senses.
Evil Malignant, malicious. Acts whose sole purpose is to do harm to mankind and, therefore, God himself.
Evil Spirits Spirits whose sole purpose for existence is to hurt or destroy mankind.
E.V.P. Electronic voice phenomena. Voices captured on magnetic audio tape when no one is present. It is believed that these voices are from spirits attempting to communicate with living people.
Exorcism Ritual designed to free someone from the possession of a demon or devil. Deliverance. An exorcism can also be performed on a dwelling or place.
Exorcist One who performs exorcisms. In most cases, exorcists are ordained ministers of their particular religion.
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