Deep Trance Medium A psychic who allows a spirit to enter his/her body so that a spirit may communicate with the living.
Deliverance Christian ritual designed to rid a person of negative forces or influence. Exorcism.
Dematerialization The sudden disappearance of an item. An asport
Demon An evil, inhuman spirit bent on the destruction of man.
Demonic Anything caused by demons
Demonologist One who studies demons and their actions.
Demonology The study of demons.
Devil Lucifer or Satan, the leader of the fallen angels banished from Heaven. It is believed by many that a hierarchy exists, as in heaven, of demons and devils with Satan being the leader. Devils are more powerful than demons.
Diabolical Any action caused by the devil. Extremely atrocious or inhuman
Discarnate Spirit existing without a physical body.
Discernment To perceive or feel using the mind or senses.
Disembodied Spirit functioning without a body.
Disembodied Voice A voice heard that comes from no physical body. Also known as EVP.
Divination Obtaining knowledge of the unknown or the future by contacting forces outside of nature usually spiritual in nature.
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