Cherubim Order of Angel, celestial being usually depicted as a beautiful, winged child. Occasionally depicted as being half human and half animal. They are rated second in the hierarchy of Angels.
Circumambulation Ceremonially surrounding an object or living thing for the purpose of protection.
Clairaudient Psychic ability to hear sounds or voices inaudible to the normal ear.
Clairsentient Psychic ability to feel things not normally felt by most people.
Clairvoyant Psychic ability to see persons or events which are distant. Children are naturally clairvoyant up to the age of 12.
Conjuring Any attempt to call upon spirits to help the living, usually for the purpose of personal gain or to harm someone.
Coven A group of occult practitioners. Covens usually consist of 13 people.
Curse To speak a wish of evil against someone or call down forces to hurt someone.
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