A Message To The World By Tom Cooney

Dear Children of God, at long last, the millennium is upon us. I have come to this earth as a gift from my Father to all of the people of this wondrous planet. I have come to offer you great joy and wisdom and hope in a time of despair. My message is for all the world to hear. No one is to be excluded from my word. It matters not what race or nationality you are. It matters not what religion you subscribe to or what your sexual preferences are. It matters not whether you are rich or poor. You are all a part of creation and despite your many sins and faults, my Father still desires your company. That can never change; nor should it. Every soul is precious to my Father.

The first message is one of promise. I come to tell you that you need not fear the hysterical prophets of doom. There is so much talk of earthquakes, floods, droughts, you name it. It would seem that destruction and annihilation are knocking on your door. If you listen closely to these messages, you will be led to believe that God in Heaven is about to destroy his creations for being that which he created them to be: human. Yes, there are pitfalls; there are always tests. Mankind has its faults, to be sure. Sin abounds and there are many temptations from Satan and his legions. However, there is a serious danger in believing that God will destroy all of creation because of these sins. Would any of you kill your children for committing a “sin?” Therefore, would God? If you would not kill your children, do you think for one minute that you are better than God?

Two thousand years ago, God the Father sent His Son to save the world. The message that God sent was a simple one: Love one another. What could be more simple than that? Far too much effort went into obeying rule after rule and no emphasis was placed on the one thing that truly mattered: Love. As the religious leaders of the time were told, “You worry more about the letter of the law and ignore the heart of it.” There were far too many rules; far too harsh a judgement awaiting those who broke those rules. Where was the Love that God promised? This is not to say that all of the priests were evil, far from it. The problem was they were too fixated on rules and laws. There was no flexibility, no room for human error. Sadly, today is no different. There is still far too much emphasis placed on rules of conduct. There are far too many threats of suffering and death and eternal damnation for those who fail to keep any given, man made rule. Again, I remind you of your own children. Today, there are many religions that not only create rules of conduct, they even attempt to tell you how to think! Just having a natural, human thought can be a sin.

This is not an indictment against all of the religious leaders of today. Indeed, many of them serve my Father very well. However, there are far too many who are fixated on what is wrong with the world rather than noticing what is right with it. I am not telling you that you should sin with impunity. That would be an insane notion, to be sure. What I am saying is that my Father understands the dynamics of sin. It is not necessarily the act itself; it is the heart behind the act that matters. God does not want his creatures to sin. He has done much to show you the ways to avoid it. However, He knows that at some point, everyone will fall victim to the temptations of the physical world. There really is no way around it. That is why He sent His Son two thousand years ago. That is why I am here now. The message then was that “sins would be forgiven.” That basic belief was in large part the reason why He was crucified in the first place. Those words were considered to be a blasphemy. Why do you think Jesus spent so much time with sinners? The Son of Man was crucified so that the sins of man would be forgiven. Have you forgotten that? If you have, does that not make a mockery of the crucifixion?

Again today, we see much the same pattern as was witnessed two thousand years ago. We see the same need for a Savior to come. We see the same need for change. That is precisely why I am here. It will be helpful if we look at some examples. Few can doubt that there are some wonderful, intelligent members of the clergy. So many have devoted their lives to the work of my Father and He is greatly pleased by this. There is also no doubt that there are many that have failed to see the true message. Indeed, Satan has infiltrated the Vatican. Laws are necessary if a civilization is to survive. Without laws, there would be chaos and chaos is not of God. God has given you the laws you need to follow. He has explained what you must do to reach the Kingdom of Heaven and He has done so in the simplest of terms. It is not hard to see the message and understand it. Why then has man seen the need to create more laws? I ask you again, is man better than God? Only through ignorance and arrogance could man create rules and laws above what God Himself has given you. Those who do so should be ashamed of themselves.

Let us look at an example. Much has been written about the “sins of the flesh.” To be sure, there are many sins of this variety. However, when man is made to feel guilty every time he has a lustful thought, this is not a healthy thing. When a person feels that he has defiled the entire world simply because he touched himself, this is not a healthy thing. You have been taught that Love is the most important thing in life. Love of God and Love of man. Sex is a form of expression of Love. Yes, this can be taken too far and mankind must guard against this. However, many of the laws regarding sex have been created by men out of their own frustrations and forbidden desires. This is not to say that celibacy is not honorable. Indeed, it can be. The problem comes in when someone creates a law of conduct based on his own frustration. He does not do this maliciously. In fact, he truly believes that he is doing so for the sake of God. However, that does not make it right. So many of God’s children live under a cloud of guilt over this simple issue. Guilt is cruel and anything cruel is not of God.

Without sex, there would be no world; the species would not exist. For that reason, God made the reproductive drive strong. In His wisdom, he made the act pleasurable. If procreation were painful or wrong, would the species survive? I think not. Yes, sex can be taken too far. There are many acts that God finds distasteful. However, as some acts go too far, so too do some rules. God made the male and the female. He made the procreative act pleasurable. Why then is it wrong to enjoy the gift that God gave you? Why would it be wrong to express your love for one another in the most profound way? Did not God the Father tell you to love one another? All He has asked it that you use this gift responsibly. Does this confuse you? If so, remember this: Confusion is not of God.

Look at your peculiar priorities. You will preach against sex while you ignore the sorry way that so many treat their elderly. You pass laws condemning to death your citizens who have committed murder while your lawmakers pass laws allowing you to slaughter your unborn children. Even Satan himself never expected so large a victory. Do you see a problem here? It is a crime for a poor man to steal food because he is hungry but it is okay to abort children simply because it is not a convenient time to have them. Do you think this hurts my Father?

There are so many of you who feel that you should accept trials and tribulations in the name of God. I ask you, would you want your children to suffer for the sake of suffering? If the answer is no, what does that tell you? If you still believe that God wants you to suffer, are you then better than God? The truth of the matter is that you create your own suffering. In your quest for perfection, in your unrealistic need to elevate yourself to the level of God, you have created a sense of pressure that is not natural. This insane notion that you are supposed to suffer has created the very act of suffering. It has become for you the self-fulfilling prophecy. God created a world of beauty to be enjoyed by His most special of creations. Why then do you try to corrupt this message? I do not point this out to you to make you feel guilty. You have created more than enough of that already. I point this out so that you will see your mistakes and correct them. The end times are near, although not in the way so many of you understand them to be. Although you may try to understand my Father, it is impossible to do so. You very humanness makes that task impossible. My Father knows this and that is why there have been so many messengers sent to this world. Enjoy what my Father offers and let Him take care of the rest. Since the dawn of time, He has been involved with the affairs of man. Let Him do what He does best.

This brings us to the matter of faith. You must believe that my Father knows the best way for things to go, for events to take place. There is a popular phrase out today. It says the following: Rule # 1- Do not sweat the small stuff. Rule # 2- Everything is small stuff. This is an oversimplification but the idea is sound. Leave to my Father the big stuff. Do not concern yourselves with it. All you will do is confuse yourselves and make your lives much harder than they need to be. If there is one major failing of man, it is this: You overuse the brain you have been given. You attempt to rationalize everything you do, every thought you have, every action you take. You try to solve mysteries that you were not meant to solve. God gave you all the tools you need to survive and prosper but you try to think of more. He has shown you the light, the truth and the way, yet you try to add your humanness to those truths. In effect, you try to be more than God. Look at all of the cosmetic surgeries which have become so popular today. Some people cannot afford the life saving medical treatment they need to survive while others spend a fortune to straighten their noses or remove unwanted fat from their hips. So many cannot accept themselves for who they are. Surely, no man can improve on that which God has created. Why then do you try? Is your faith that weak? Do you think this pleases my Father? If so, think again.

Mankind is so guilty of the sins of pride and arrogance. You are so concerned with your physical sins that you ignore the true sins, the sins of the spirit. Therefore, you miss so many of the messages of my Father. You so often think that you are smarter than He is. You so often think you can do better. This is not so. Heed that message; it is one of the most important ones you can ever know. Do not try to put yourselves above my Father for you cannot do that. To try is folly. Stop brainwashing yourselves and your children. Stop thinking every subject to death. There are many emissaries sent by my Father to guide you in the direction that He finds so pleasing. Stop judging yourselves and each other. Only God can judge and when you judge, you are attempting to be God. Is that not what the fallen angels did? Stop being so hard on yourselves for your humanness. This displeases my Father greatly. Spend more time being and less time thinking. How else can you enjoy the “gifts” that my Father offers?

You should not find any of this confusing. The messages here are so simple, so easy to understand. Accept that simplicity. Revel in your humanity. Stop trying to be above that which you can never be. It is because of this that you fail to see the bigger picture, the larger whole. Look at the problems that plague your world. There is a proliferation of drugs. This is caused by the stress that you have created. You attempt to escape your own creation by altering your consciousness in a haze of drug induced stupor. Do you think this pleases my Father? Your family units fall apart at an astounding rate. You treat your families like disposable lighters. Crime in your time is rampant. This is borne out of the fear and greed that you have created. My Father did not create this. Do you think this pleases him? In these end times, you have created vast amounts of weapons that can result in the annihilation proliferation of the world. You have chemical weapons, biological weapons and nuclear weapons. The scientists of the world have perfected the art of destruction. You worry about asteroids destroying the earth when you have created more asteroids on you own planet than can ever be matched in the heavens. Do you think this pleases my Father?

God created the world. He then created man in His image and likeness. He gave you the most precious of gifts: He gave you free will. He will never take that away from you. He deemed you worthy of having that most special of gifts. It is up to you what you choose to do with it. You can choose to use it in a manner pleasing to my Father or you can choose to do the opposite. Whatever you do with it, God will never take it away from you, no matter how irresponsibly you use it. That gives you an awesome responsibility. In that regard, you do indeed hold the world in your hands. That free will can be used for the good of mankind or for the good of the self. Either way, if used properly, my Father will be pleased.

The millennium is upon us and so are the end times. How that plays out depends in large part on what you do. You see, by giving you free will, God has included you in the creation of the “New World.” Remember what I said earlier, it is an awesome responsibility. Are you up to the task? My Father believes that you are. However, it will be a dark and bumpy road to be sure. Life is not easy although as I have pointed out, you have created almost all of your problems. Yes, Satan tempts you but we are discussing the concept of free will so you know where this is going. You alone are responsible for your actions. They may be pleasing or displeasing to my Father. Believe me when I tell you, my Father would have it no other way.

How will you handle the creation of the New World? Good and evil abound at this time in history. In many ways, they are out of balance. You must play the pivotal role, the one that swings this balance to one side or the other. God has given you all the tools you need. You will need to focus on the problems of mankind and let the Divine worry about the Divine problems. Take care of your own house so to speak before you worry about your neighbor’s. Much has been made of Satan and his demons. Man cannot fight that battle in the way that he would like to. If more time was spent on cleaning up you own acts, there would be less of a battle between good and evil. If everyone tried to feel and show Love, would my Father be pleased? If everyone tried to lend a helping hand to those among you who need it, to the least of your brothers, would my Father be pleased? You as man cannot battle Satan directly; only God can do that. However, you do have the ability to fight the evil that is in yourselves. That God asks you to do. Will you listen?

In order to please my Father, you must change the way you think. I am not suggesting that you tear down every wall of belief, every wall of religion, every wall of humanity. There is much good in what now exists. However, refinements are necessary. Religion needs to be used as it was intended, for the good of the people. It cannot be used as an instrument of guilt and punishment. It cannot be used to create neurosis. Religion was meant to serve God, not to overpower Him or to replace Him. Work towards making religion was it was meant to be. There are many in the Church who know the right way, the way to my Father. Listen to them and discard the rest, those so wrapped up in their own intellectualism that they miss the very heart of what God intended. Worry less about rules and regulations. Live the heart, live the word. God gave you His love and the gift of free will. In effect, He gave you the keys to His Kingdom. However, the choice of what to do with these gifts lies squarely on your shoulders. You are not a stupid race. Stupidity is not of God and God did not create a world of imbeciles. You are smarter than you think as long as you focus your thoughts properly. Revel in the humanity that God has given you. Do not hide from your humanness. Do those things which celebrate my Father, do those things which will please Him immensely. The choice is yours. Create the New World in which my Father can be glorified in, worshipped in the manner He so desires. Remember, you have all the tools you need. All of the resources have been laid before you. Create the New World.

About The Letter:
It is widely believed that we are at the end times. Forgetting the doomsayers, there are many Scriptural references to the end times and so many of the signs prophesized are taking place. There will no doubt be a battle waged between Satan and God. Good will always triumph over evil and that will be the case in the end. The question is how many of God’s children will be lost to Satan. Sadly, there will be many. The coming war is not between God and Satan for that war has already been won by God. The upcoming battle is for the possession of us. Will we choose to go to the light of God or the darkness of Satan? One thing is for sure, it will be a difficult battle. Satan is cunning and deceptive. He is a liar and an accuser. He has done a magnificent job of convincing the masses that he does not exist. Many members of the Vatican itself seem to believe that. Less and less is being said about Satan. Children are not being taught about this most vile and dangerous creature. Therefore, they are being left unprotected. As the above letter states, Satan has indeed infiltrated the Vatican. We must be on our guard when it comes to Satan. Shakespeare once said: “The devil can cite Scripture for his purposes.” Indeed, that is true. Again, we must be on our guard at all times. That is why this letter is so important. You see, it was written to the world by the Anti-Christ. That fact may well surprise you but I assure you that it is true. Now, knowing that, re-read it and see the messages in it for what they are. It may prove to be the only chance we have.

Many people assume that when the Anti-Christ does come, (he is here already) he will be easy to spot. Furthermore, people believe that his messages will be so evil that no one will listen to him. These two notions could not be further from the truth. When the Anti-Christ does appear, he will do so in a manner that people will want to believe what he has to say. Common sense dictates that he will not appear as a creature with Ram’s horns on his head and walking on cloven hooves. Of course, it would be great if it were that simple. Were that to happen, his following would be minimal although there would be some followers. That in itself is a sad fact. No, when the Anti-Christ makes himself known, he will appear as normal as you and I. He will be intelligent, cunningly so. He will be articulate. Perhaps the most frightening part of all will be what he has to say.

The big problem is that the message that the Anti-Christ delivers will make sense. It would be nice if he came out, spoke of pure evil, and blasphemed the Lord. Few would listen to him if he did that. However, the likelihood is that he will offer practical solutions to some very real problems. He will not tear apart the Church. On the contrary, he will suggest changes in the Church that will, on the surface of it, make absolute sense. Here is where we must be careful. As you saw in the letter, it is very easy to confuse through the use of language. Words can be twisted; meanings distorted. It is easy to say one thing while meaning something entirely different. It is safe to say that the Anti-Christ will be a master at that.

When he shows himself, things will become confusing. This man may well do many great works. He will quote Scripture and may have miracles attributed to him. Should he be the Anti-Pope, there will be a greater problem. In the Catholic faith, the core belief is that the Pope is possessed by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, all members are strictly required to blindly obey the Pope. If the Anti-Christ becomes the Pope, this would be cataclysmic. There have been many predictions that the Church will be destroyed from within. There is no other way it can be destroyed. Do you see the problem? To obey the Pope could cause incredible problems. However, if he is not the Anti-Christ, to disobey him will also cause tremendous problems. I cannot imagine the pressure on the leaders of the Church. Only prayer to the Holy Spirit can help in this matter. We must all pray to Him. We will all have a role to play. I personally fear that articles such as this can cause problems. It is certain that I will not know the truth. Yet words can sway people’s beliefs.

Is there any way to know the truth? The only advice I can give is to look for certain signs. We may be talking about a person who appears too good to be true, whether he is a religious leader or a world leader. Everything that is said or written must be scrutinized closely. Whether we are talking about the written word or the spoken one, we must look for changes that run contrary to Church doctrine. We cannot become hysterical here or preach doom but we must be very careful. We must be on our guard for any suggestions which involve the loosening of morals. Although it is unlikely something like this would be suggested, a warning flag should go up at any speculation that Mary was not a virgin. I cannot imagine that the Anti-Christ would be so stupid as to suggest that but you never know. Careful scrutiny must be given in regards to messages reportedly given by the Blessed Virgin. The Anti-Christ may well attempt to change people by creating false apparitions suggesting dramatic changes in Church Doctrine.

Another message to be on the lookout for is any talk of Judas not being wholly responsible for his actions. There is no doubt that Satan worked overtime on him but he alone was responsible for what he did. Also, we must be on the lookout for any words which categorize Jesus as a “Master.” Jesus was not a Master; He was and is the Son of God. There is a tremendous difference between the two. We must be on our guard if we are told that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is not necessary. We must be careful if we are told that it is essentially okay to subscribe to other religions. This would be in violation of Church teaching. In addition, we cannot believe any words which suggest that there is no Satan. We may be given a good sell on this point. There are many in the Church already who believe that the Church must get away from this belief as it progresses into the next century. This would be a clear cut case of moving forward backwards.

We are all going to have to pray like we never have before. We are facing a difficult time in an already difficult world. We must be careful in the future, a future which begins today. Our only hope is our faith and devotion to Christ. As I mentioned earlier, we must pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. We must also remember something which was pointed out in the letter. Confusion is not of God.

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