Art Bell Returns

Art Bell at his home studio. Photo:SiriusXM

Update: Sadly, Art Bell passed on April 13, 2018 at age 72.

Well this is great news!  After a hiatus of several years, Art Bell has found a home with SiriusXM.  We’re all looking forward to hearing the old Coast to Coast host again.  It’s a familiar place for us Paranormal enthusiasts.  Welcome back Mr. Bell, and I can’t wait to hear the first show.

Election 2012

The election is only a day away, so it seems fitting that we explore what’s haunting the President.  Could it be the ghost of Ambassador Chris Stevens?  How about the ghosts of the Navy Seals we left behind in Benghazi?  Probably neither, but with the history surrounding the White House, there’s bound to be several spirits roaming the halls….haunting whichever party occupies the White House.’s Jeff Belanger explains:

Belanger strongly believes there is a clear distinction between the British Redcoat and Lincoln who linger about on the president’s turf. The redcoat is thought to be a residual haunting, meaning he is just a memory and nothing more. Residual hauntings are simply a playback of a past event.

Whereas Lincoln is more of an intelligent haunting, which means he has the ability to interact with people. Honest Abe may be able to help guide a president in power, especially if they summon him on a subconscious level.

Check out the resat at The Voice of Russia.  I know, weird, huh?

Sandy destroys irreplaceable pieces of history

While driving by St. Mary’s Cemetery today, I noticed a huge tree down.  When I inspected closer, I could see it landed smack in the middle of plot dating back to the early 1800s.  The stones underneath were covered, and I can only assume they were destroyed.  I look around the cemetery and saw that many trees had tried to occupy the same space as the stones.  Luckily, the 16-1700s section was unharmed.  However, the 1800s stones, some undoubtedly from Civil War Veterans, are irreplaceable.  Many historians and preservation organizations will have their work cut out for them in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


A massive tree lay on top of a plot from the early 1800s.

Happy Belated Halloween

I’ve been wanting to get this up sooner, but with the Sandy aftermath, it’s been quite busy.  So, in place of a Halloween post, this post is brought to you by bodies in the green.  Turns out, a tree fell on New Haven green and exposed a 200 year old skeleton.  It seems the green was formerly a burial ground for small pox victims.  Who knows what’s still there?

Photo CONTRIBUTED BY Roderick Topping. 10/31/12