The Warrens

A quick story about the Warrens…

I was always fascinated by the paranormal, even from a young age. When I was about 14 or so, I read Graveyard by the Warrens and immediately wanted to learn more. I actually lived near the Warrens, so I looked up their phone number and called. Lorraine answered, and I was surprised when she spoke to me for over half an hour. The conversation ended with Lorraine inviting me to their Monday night classes at the haunted, Carousel Gardens restaurant. I couldn’t really pay, so they let me attend free of charge. They even allowed me on investigations, with the proper permission. A year or so later, I started a paranormal club in high school, for which the Warrens lent me their slides and projector. These were the same slides they monetized during their presentations, but gladly just handed them over to me.

I’ve heard the stories and innuendo over the years, and I suspect many of their cases were overly dramatized for affect. However, they were always gracious and kind to me. Through them, I met many lifelong friends, and for that…I’m grateful to have known them.

Rest In Peace Ed & Lorraine