Haunted location torn down

It’s a sad day folks! One of our favorite, most active of the past 15 years has been torn down. I think we always knew it would happen sooner or later, but we always kept hoping for later.

Here’s a photo for the memories:

New Jersey Couple leave apartment citing Haunting

This should be an interesting case:

via The Week:

Most ghost stories don’t wind up in court. But a family in Toms River, N.J., has filed a lawsuit demanding that their landlord let them out of their new lease and return their security deposit, because, they say, the house he rented them was “haunted.”

Interesting, NJ Paranormal Investigators say they have evidence of a haunting. I checked their website and couldn’t find anything about the house. The landlord thinks it’s a scheme to get out of the lease. I suppose we’ll find out in court, and hopefully, we’ll see some evidence.