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Borley Rectory – The Most Haunted House in England?

Posted on September 24th, 2014 by Chris Vegliante

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Borley Rectory carries the dubious distinction of Britain’s most haunted house. In perspective, there is nothing exceptional about the case. There are the typical sightings of apparitions (as opposed to ghosts), cold spots, poltergeist-like activity and a legend shrouded in mystery. Even the building’s physical appearance lends itself nicely to the legend. What is exceptional is the inordinate amount of press coverage and attention it has received, mainly due to the personal involvement and intervention of the famous English “ghosthunter”, Harry Price (founder of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research of London).

The site of Borley, (around 60 miles north east of London in the Essex countryside), was first noted in the 1066 Doomsday Book where a Borley Manor was situated – it follows that a wooden church would probably have been built on the site. It’s history is shrouded in myth and mystery, but the first indication that something was amiss on the site of Borley was in 1362 when a Benedictine monk attempted to elope by horse drawn coach, with a nun from the nearby nunnery. Their plans were thwarted – the monk was hanged and the nun was bricked up alive in the walls of the nunnery.

The red brick building that was Borley Rectory was built by Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull (rector of Borley) in 1863, who later settled there with his wife, Caroline Foyster (where she mothered 14 children).

In time, witnesses reported seeing stones being thrown from some invisible source, ghostly footsteps were heard and the specter of a nun, the most reported event at Borley, began to be seen, often in broad daylight and on a stretch of ground to be named the “nuns walk”. On July 28, 1900, three daughters of Henry Bull saw the nun and, assuming she was flesh and blood, went to greet her as a guest on the grounds – she mysteriously disappeared. The nun was also seen standing by a gatepost on four separate occasions by a passing carpenter.

It was in 1928 when the full haunting of Borley Rectory got underway. ( This is also the time when Harry Price became involved – Price was later to be accused of fraud). The Bull family had died one by one, or moved away, and after a short period standing empty the Reverend Guy Smith and wife took up residence.

Immediately, there were reports of whispers in the night, the sound of footsteps, objects being thrown at guests, illumination from dark rooms, two maids saw the apparition of the nun and even a phantom coach was seen. The words ‘Don’t Carlos, don’t’ were, reportedly, wailed late at night on more than one occasion – Carlos was the nickname for Henry Bull.

In 1929, and at their wits end, the Smiths contacted the Daily Mirror, a British journal, requesting help. Harry Price then invited himself to the Rectory to carry out a full investigation. On their first visit the group, comprised of Price, his secretary and a reporter, all witnessed what they described as “poltergeist activity”, spontaneous displacement of inanimate objects, strange odors, cold spots and the sound of galloping horses to name but a few. Most notably, the Daily Mirror reporter, Mr. C.V.Wall, saw the nun. Within a year, the Smith family left the Borley Rectory forever, dismissing their move as forced ‘due to a lack of amenities’.

In October of the same year, the Reverend Lionel Algernon Foyster, wife Marianne and daughter Adelaide moved in. Within a year, the activity increased to such an extent that, after a visit from Harry Price he voiced his fears for the family’s safety. Reportedly, the phenomena had become more violent and Marianne appeared to be the “focus” of the attacks. She was assaulted at least twice, once being struck in the face, another time being flung from her bed after an “exorcism”. Perhaps the most interesting paranormal evidence came in the form of notes and wall writings addressed to Marianne. During the investigative period, Price claimed that at least 2000 separate paranormal events had taken place.

Not surprisingly, in 1935 the Foysters left Borley Rectory and two years later Harry Price leased the house for a year. He conducted endless experiments and vigils but the activity appeared to have subsided considerably. At this time Price was accused of fraud on several occasions (Price was allegedly caught with a pocketful of pebbles after a short pebble throwing, assumedly paranormal, episode concluded.

After a séance on March 27, a message was received that ‘Sunex Amures and one of his men ‘ would burn down the rectory that very night. Nothing happened that evening but on February 27,1939 a fire broke out at midnight and razed the building to the ground.

To this day the site that Borley Rectory occupied holds a certain mystique for parapsychologists and psychic researchers. It is unlikely that all the reported events at Borley were fraudulent, but there is evidence and testimony to bring ALL of Harry Price’s conclusions into question. All the families leaving the rectory claimed that their decision was in no way related to any strange activity regardless how it was reported in the press. Of course it is entirely possible the families were seeking to avoid potential ridicule and harassment they may have received for supporting such incredible claims. Unfortunately, as Borley Rectory no longer stands no one will ever know the truth, only the legend remains – a fitting epilogue for Britain’s most haunted house.

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Happy Halloween!

Posted on October 31st, 2013 by Ghosthound

It seems Halloween has snuck up on me, once again!  Here’s some Halloween links to get you through:

Some Halloween History: History of Halloween

From the mind your business department: Woman to hand out fat letters for Halloween.

Real life Haunted Houses: Haunted Houses from around the world.

I concur!  The worst candy to get for Halloween

Maybe Obama will dress up like a President: Halloween at the White House

Spooky: Vintage Halloween Pictures

Somebody has a case of the wah wahs: Witch not celebrating Halloween


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It’s that time of year!

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 by Ghosthound

Time seems to fly by, and before you know it, it’s Halloween. It’s right about now that I notice, I haven’t updated Ghosthound in quite sometime. This year will be different, starting now. While I always seem to be too busy to focus to focus on the Paranormal, I’m definitely going to press on. Because I’m out in Chicago for work, here’s a free paranormal day at the Lansing Public Library

Here’s to an active Halloween season!

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Art Bell Returns

Posted on July 30th, 2013 by Ghosthound



Art Bell at his home studio. Photo:SiriusXM Credit:CTPost.com

Well this is great news!  After a hiatus of several years, Art Bell has found a home with SiriusXM.  We’re all looking forward to hearing the old Coast to Coast host again.  It’s a familiar place for us Paranormal enthusiasts.  Welcome back Mr. Bell, and I can’t wait to hear the first show.






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Election 2012

Posted on November 5th, 2012 by Ghosthound

The election is only a day away, so it seems fitting that we explore what’s haunting the President.  Could it be the ghost of Ambassador Chris Stevens?  How about the ghosts of the Navy Seals we left behind in Benghazi?  Probably neither, but with the history surrounding the White House, there’s bound to be several spirits roaming the halls….haunting whichever party occupies the White House.

Ghostvillage.com’s Jeff Belanger explains:

Belanger strongly believes there is a clear distinction between the British Redcoat and Lincoln who linger about on the president’s turf. The redcoat is thought to be a residual haunting, meaning he is just a memory and nothing more. Residual hauntings are simply a playback of a past event.

Whereas Lincoln is more of an intelligent haunting, which means he has the ability to interact with people. Honest Abe may be able to help guide a president in power, especially if they summon him on a subconscious level.

Check out the resat at The Voice of Russia.  I know, weird, huh?

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Sandy destroys irreplaceable pieces of history

Posted on November 2nd, 2012 by Ghosthound

While driving by St. Mary’s Cemetery today, I noticed a huge tree down.  When I inspected closer, I could see it landed smack in the middle of plot dating back to the early 1800s.  The stones underneath were covered, and I can only assume they were destroyed.  I look around the cemetery and saw that many trees had tried to occupy the same space as the stones.  Luckily, the 16-1700s section was unharmed.  However, the 1800s stones, some undoubtedly from Civil War Veterans, are irreplaceable.  Many historians and preservation organizations will have their work cut out for them in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


A massive tree lay on top of a plot from the early 1800s.

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Happy Belated Halloween

Posted on November 1st, 2012 by Ghosthound

I’ve been wanting to get this up sooner, but with the Sandy aftermath, it’s been quite busy.  So, in place of a Halloween post, this post is brought to you by bodies in the green.  Turns out, a tree fell on New Haven green and exposed a 200 year old skeleton.  It seems the green was formerly a burial ground for small pox victims.  Who knows what’s still there?


Photo CONTRIBUTED BY Roderick Topping. 10/31/12


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Sandy Update

Posted on October 30th, 2012 by Ghosthound

Well, we’ve lost power. The good news is, so far this storm seems to be a dud here in Connecticut. Turns out, ‘Frankenstorm’ is Franken-crap.

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Website Hope and Change

Posted on October 24th, 2012 by Ghosthound

Welcome to the new Ghosthound.com.  We’ve redesigned the website to make it easier to update and share information with our visitors.  The previous website was a major step forward, but after several years, it was time to move into the next phase of Ghosthound.com.  Look around, you’ll find that much has remained the same, but with a new and quicker ability for us to add updates. Enjoy!

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Milford Cemetery

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 by admin

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