Haunted Apartment

Many years ago, I was tasked with a team of investigators to investigate claims of a haunted home in Connecticut. The family had claimed that they would hear banging on the walls, the rooms would get frigid cold, and they’d see what they described as “figures that were darker than the dark room.”

The home was actually a railroad style duplex. That is, two side by side apartments that was just a straight floor plan. You actually had to walk through every room to get to the living room. It was an odd layout to me, but I’m told railroad apartments are a thing.

Once we arrived, we found a very nice family, with younger children huddled together in the living room. The children varied in age, with oldest son being fifteen years old. The family had told us that they recently moved from Florida, and after the move was the beginning of the phenomena.

As we set up the equipment, the children fell asleep together in the living room. We sat around a small round table, all of together in kitchen. It was then that the phone rang. The father answered and it was a call from 911. They asked what was the emergency? The father stated that no one had called and there wasn’t an emergency. This happened two more times, each time the operator growing more agitated. However, no one was making the calls.

At around 1 in the morning, some team members and the parents went out on the front porch for fresh air. I remained behind with another investigator, and we stood across from each other, chatting int he narrow kitchen. Next to me, there was a shelf with some kitchen items on it that included a broken toaster with the power cord wrapped around it. This toaster looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to it. Just like the printer in Office Space. As I was talking to the other investigator, the toaster slid across the shelf, stopped next to my head, and popped like there was toast in it!

I saw this from the corner of my eye and just as I asked him to verify what we had just seen, the father came running in the house. He told us to be quiet, that his kids hadn’t slept and he didn’t want us to wake them. I said we weren’t talking very loud, only in hushed tones. He said he heard us screaming for him to come inside! Of course, we never screamed for him.

We wrapped up the investigation for the evening. Upon further investigation, we found that the son had been involved in demonic rituals while they lived in Florida. He and his friends were attempting to ask spirits to help become more popular at school. (strange?) But really, they probably invited some bad entities into their lives.

In the end, an experienced lay demonologist performed a suffmunigation on the home, which is really a lay person’t ritual to remove spirits. As far as I know, all is well. They were lucky.

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